Sensor Drive Technology

Based in Singapore we design, manufacture and supply a range of high quality battery electric materials handling systems and sensor modules. Our development team provide solutions for all material handling needs.

Work Safe Solutions

Our equipment and systems maximize workplace safety and health. Easily controlled, zero emissions and safe on the job.

Efficiency Solutions

Large loads and long loads in the warehouse or corridors are no problem using the right equipment. More goods transferred by fewer operators.

Green Solutions

Efficient battery electric power, quick charging and long running. No workplace pollution in any application, all equipment complies with strict EU standards


Our equipment is designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Sensor Drive’s battery electric tugs and movers have been market and technology leaders for over 20 years.

System Design

You benefit from skills that are built on strong technical understanding and delivered with practical experience. Sensor Drive’s services include design and implementation of materials handling systems, and project management for new projects and upgrades.

Warranty & Support

Sensor Drive Technology provide extensive support options in addition to our standard high care warranty, replacement and parts service.
We understand the imperative to minimise down time and keep your company moving.

We supply and design specialty solutions for a wide range of industries and applications.


Warehousing & Logistics.

Hospitals & Healthcare.

Government Services.

Building & Construction.




Sensor Drive Technology
is a trusted partner of Singaporean industry
and government enterprise.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements or to answer any questions.

Business and Logistics Solutions

The sales and engineering team has been providing solutions in material handling for commercial, industrial and government use for over 20 years in Australia and South East Asia.
Products that are quiet and easy to operate motivate employees and increase productivity and efficiency.